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aludo air purifiers are used not only for private use but also professionally in offices, hotels and shelters. besafe95 offers complete hygiene concepts especially for companies. These include air purifiers, respiratory masks or disinfection stations as well as surface disinfection with cleaning effect. Air purifiers and cleaning stations can not only be purchased but also rented or leased as a full service concept. Let us advise you

Solid steel housing survives decades

Our air purifiers are made of high quality materials. All suppliers come from the region of the manufacturer aludo. The high level of identification with the product is reflected in the attention to technical detail. The most efficient fans from ebm-papst ensure not only the lowest power consumption, comparable to an LED lamp, in its class, but also an extremely low noise level. You will not find a quieter device with comparable performance. The HEPA filters are not selected depending on the size of the device, but rather in relation to the required filter performance.

Adaptable filters

The aludo air purifiers can be adapted to the required interior situation. It is not always necessary to use every filter stage, even specialisation, for example in gases, is possible. It is also useful for house dust or pollen allergy sufferers to install more than one dust filter layer. The standard air cleaner can be supplemented here with a special DPA pre-filter. Aludo air cleaners can be ordered with M5 pre-filter, EPA12 filter, HEPA13 filter or also with HEPA14 filters. Additionally there is the possibility to choose between normal activated carbon or sodium permanganate.

What is a HEPA Filter

HEPA filters are so-called high performance filters that can filter the smallest particles from the air. They are used, for example, in operating theatres or in chip production. So you can say that the aludo air purifier cleans so well to theoretically maintain the clean air of an operating room. No allergens such as house dust mites or pollen of any kind can pass through this filter, it even filters much better. Even bacteria and viruses that adhere to aerosols can be almost completely filtered out of the air.

Quality Made in Germany

The quality of technical products must also be considered in particular from the point of view of sustainability. Aludo HEPA air purifiers are Made in Germany all suppliers come from Germany. We stand like the manufacturer for these products, for this reason alone customers receive a 5 year warranty. But what should you pay attention to when you buy an air purifier. The most important points are certainly not whether an air purifier can cool or heat, because this is not necessary. But here are a few important points as a guide:

  • CADR value This is the rate of fresh air that an air purifier can deliver in one hour, so it describes the filter performance.
  • Power consumption An air purifier runs most of the time and is electrically driven. Electricity does not only cost money, but even today it is not always produced ecologically. A power consumption of more than 60W is not up to date.
  • Noicelevel The loudness of the air purifier should be expressed as a sound pressure level - dB(A) - in relation to the air volume flow and measured at a distance of one meter from the device. In the bedroom, under no circumstances should the air purifier generate more than 30 dB(A)
  • Service life Check for yourself whether a purely stylish consumer product or a professional air purifier is suitable for you. Professional air purifiers can be operated for at least 10 years without any component being defective.
  • Filter Pay attention to the built-in filter. It should be described exactly which filter the manufacturer uses. EPA and HEPA filters or also HEPA filters are classified according to the standard DIN EN 1822. Also, the pure designation HEPA filter does not say anything about the filter quality. Filters only have this so-called separation efficiency at fixed volume flows. This should be stated if no CADR values are given.
  • Volume flow By specifying the volume flow, you as a user have the possibility of designing the air cleaner to suit your room. Translated with (free version)
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