About us

#besafe95 - an experienced team of old hands and young innovators

We at be-safe-95 are a team of experienced product managers and engineers from the ventilation industry. We have been working in the ventilation and filtration industry for 30 years. We are now using the know-how we have built up here to improve the situation, which is very different for most people, with e.g. aggressive viruses, and to create a safe living environment. We love filtration!

Since 2015 we have set standards for innovative air cleaning with the aludo air purifiers. These are completely "Made in Germany" and eliminate not only particles, aerosols, bacteria and viruses, but also harmful VOC's from the air we breathe. HEPA air purifiers which guarantee your high benefit through low energy consumption and modular filtration.

We not only supply authorities, governments and large companies, but also everyone in small quantities. We need you and your community to get the message across to everyone "There are plenty of besafe95-Premium, FFP2 masks or FFP3 masks - to effectively protect yourself AND others from viruses in the ambient air. Use effective and tested protective masks as effective filters for the health of all. Help to get the Corona pandemic under control and post your positive experience with our masks on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We look forward to your recommendation. #besafe95

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