aludo 6 Clean+ - Luftreiniger mit HEPA13-Filter, Aktivkohle und Natriumpermanganat

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The ALUDO 6 Life is equipped with G4 pre-filter and certified HEPA13 filter, which filters at least 99.95% of suspended particles from the air. 

  • Made in Germany
  • 10 years warranty
  • Quiet and power saving
  • Rollable
  • HEPA filter H13 according to EN1822
  • Filter efficiency of at least 99.95
  • Also filters gases and odors
  • Cleans up to 800 m³ of air per hour
  • Nine levels
  • Generally suitable for areas up to 70 m²*
  • Recommended for Covid-19 prevention for areas up to 50 m²*.

*For a ceiling height of 2.5 m


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The air purifier 6 Clean+ from ALUDO is an absolute premium air purifier.

The air purifiers of the ALUDO 6 series are developed and produced in Germany with highest quality standards. Certified HEPA particle filters and other freely combinable filter modules meet the highest demands on air purification performance. Special sound elements ensure unrivaled quiet operation, while the innovative motor and the geometry of the fan ensure minimal power consumption.

An additional activated carbon filter removes gaseous contaminants such as tobacco odors, benzene, solvents, household odors and body odors. A granular filter made of sodium permanganate works to go organic gases such as formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and ethylene.

  • developed and produced in Germany
  • suitable for areas up to 70 m² (ceiling height 2,5m)
  • exchanges the air in the room up to 3,7 times per hour
  • self-developed filter system
  • deep filter package ensures particularly good cleaning of the air flowing through it
  • perfect workmanship
  • combination of best components from Europe's most innovative manufacturers
  • all components are suitable for allergy sufferers
  • No one consumes less energy and no one is quieter with the same volume flow! And no one else offers a 5-year warranty!

Technical data:

  • Delivery volume: 120 / 210 / 630 m3/h
  • Loudness (1m distance): 27,5 / 35 / 55 dB(A)
  • Voltage / frequency: 230V / 50Hz
  • Energy consumption: 7,5 / 13 / 80 W
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 500 x 481 x 572 mm
  • weight: 28 kg
  • power consumption: 55W
  • Housing type: sheet steel / wood


G4 filter mat

Pre-filter made of G4 mat (ISO Coarse 60%-95%) to filter coarse dust to extend the life of the main filter.


Particle filter:

Certified HEPA 13 filter

Standard HEPA filter of class H13. This is the beginning of our "Certified HEPA Filter" series. All filters are subjected to 100% testing. Only HEPA filters that are better than the specified 99.95% filtration performance are installed in our air purifiers.

The air purifier aludo Clean+ is equipped with all aludo filter systems. So you get an all-round carefree package which protects you from all pollutants in the air and can easily make your life easier and promote your health for 10 years with the right care.

C - Partikelfilter: HEPA 13
A - Vorfilter: G4
B - Molekularfilter: AL-PURE 3 kg

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How does this air purifier work?

The ALUDO 6 series air purifiers are designed to suck in the air above the floor, remove dust, pet hair and coarse dirt from it through a pre-filter, and then pass it through special filters before returning it to the environment cleaned through three discharge openings.

This model features a HEPA 13 particulate filter that filters out 99.95% of the smallest airborne particles, ranging in size from 0.1 microns to 10 microns. It also eliminates harmful gases and unpleasant odors with activated carbon and sodium permagnate.


What particles are filtered?

The HEPA particle filter filters the following substances from the air, among others:

  • Fine dust
  • aerosol particles exhaled by people (relevant for the transmission of viruses indoors)
  • smoke
  • bacteria
  • toner dust
  • pollen
  • spores


Which gases are filtered?

AL-COLE activated carbon fill has a special filtering effect on gaseous contaminants such as:

  • Tobacco smell
  • benzene
  • disinfectants, solvents
  • household odors
  • body odor
  • cosmetics

AL-PURE sodium permanganate with 12% saturation, a highly effective granulate that binds many organic gases, acts in the molecular filter. These include:

  • Formaldehyde (CH2O)
  • Nitrogen oxides (NOx)
  • Sulfur dioxide (SO2)
  • ethylene (C2H4)


For which application scenarios is this air purifier suitable?

Harmful health effects of particulate and gaseous air pollutants are well studied and documented both in the general population and in patients with various underlying diseases. These pollutants have effects on lung function and health, mortality, the cardiovascular system, metabolic processes, and fetal development. In addition, especially indoors, aerosol particles exhaled by humans pose a risk of contagion with diseases such as Covid-19.

Pollution prevention should always be the first priority. However, it is not possible to completely eliminate the causes of pollution everywhere.

ALUDO Series 6 air purifiers are the solution for indoor environments where exposure to suspended particles or gases cannot be ruled out. The modularly configurable filters of the ALUDO Series 6 can quickly and effectively reduce these hazardous substances in the air.

Can I reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection indoors with this device?

With this air purifier it is possible to keep the aerosol concentration in small and medium size rooms at a low level. This can greatly reduce the indirect risk of infection, even when windows are temporarily closed and there is no suitable ventilation system (as shown, for example, in this preprint from a Yale University research team). It is therefore very suitable for ensuring a low virus load on a permanent basis, for example in classrooms, stores, offices, waiting or treatment rooms. The air exchange rate is a decisive factor here.

It should be noted, however, that the direct risk of infection, which can occur through direct coughing or during long conversations over short distances, cannot be reduced by air purifiers. It is therefore important to continue to maintain sufficient distances from other people and to wear protective masks to avoid direct infection.


What air exchange rate is recommended?

The Federal Environmental Agency recommends that an air purifier as a ventilation support measure at schools during the Covid 19 pandemic should achieve at least five times the room volume in air flow rate. Other research suggests an air exchange rate of at least four times the room volume to effectively reduce hazardous aerosols (Kähler et al. 2020). For use in minimizing Sars-CoV-2 viral loads indoors, we assume an air exchange rate of 5 in the following.

For all other uses beyond Covid-19, an air exchange rate of at least 3 per hour is recommended.

Please note that a room in which people are present for long periods of time requires a supply of fresh air in addition to air purification solely for reasons of CO2 enrichment.


How large may the room be?

Our ALUDO air purifiers of series 6 can be operated in 9 different stages, with an air flow rate of up to 800 m³ per hour (the air flow rate values of all stages can be found under Technical Data/Delivery Volume). Assuming an air exchange rate of 5, you can operate this air purifier at its highest level in a room with a volume of up to 160 m³. If an air exchange rate of 3 is aimed at, ALUDO air purifiers can be used in rooms with a volume of up to 260 m³. For operation at lower levels, correspondingly smaller rooms are suitable.

To determine the air flow rate required for your room, first calculate the room volume. To do this, multiply the room area by the ceiling height. Now multiply the room volume by the targeted air exchange rate. The result is the required air flow rate (delivery volume) that your air purifier should provide in order to maintain the air quality in this room at the desired level on a permanent basis.


Where should I place the air purifier?

The unit has discharge openings on three sides. To provide the most effective filtration of the room air, the air purifier should ideally be positioned on the longest side of the room in the center. Practical tests (Kähler et al. 2020) have shown that the outflows towards the ceiling should not be interrupted by objects such as lamps, as otherwise unfavorable vortex currents may become established in the room. It is recommended to operate the unit in continuous mode and not only intermittently, so that no increased virus concentration can develop in the room.


How loud is the unit?

With dampening sound elements and an efficient motor, ALUDO Series 6 air purifiers are designed to be no louder than your breath at the lowest power level and remain below the level of common background noise in a living space even at higher power levels. At maximum power levels, the unit is about as loud as a refrigerator or a downpour. The exact decibel values can be found in the technical data.

How much power does the device consume?

The ALUDO Series 6 air purifiers are very power efficient with their efficient motor and three-dimensional fan geometry. The power consumption depends on the program and power level with which you operate the device. You can find the respective values in the technical data.


Can I put anything on the unit?

Of course you can. The cover plate is durable and scratch-resistant.


How long will the device and its components last?

An ALUDO air purifier is a durable device. We offer a 10-year warranty on a product that, with proper care, will continue to make your life easier for many years to come.

The filters are consumable parts and must be replaced or cleaned at regular intervals. The pre-filter must be changed every 3 months on average. The HEPA particle filter has an average life of 18 months. The molecular filters (activated carbon and sodium permanganate) must be replaced after 12 months.

All filter modules can be easily removed and reinserted and combined as desired.


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